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Crispa's                                                                                         8 DERE GARDENS
Plaza del pescado                                                                       HALFORD
Molvizar                                                                                       HA3 8HB
Martin Luther King                                                                   16th April 2015

Dear Sir or Madam,
I represent a group called 'Students Against Pollution'. I am writing to you because we are concerned about plans to put containers in our area.
In my opinion containers aren't used because a lot of people, don't recycle materials so, young people are incapable to drop a material in trash or container, it will be a problem in the future and we need react at problem. Renewable material for example, plastic bags are reusable and we save it as it isn't enough to save all.
We have therefore decided to take action, and we are goint to organize in all town this project. For this reason, we are sending you a poster and we hope that you will suport us and help to solve this problem, in the next 50 years the oil be finished.

Yours faithfully


Jose Julian Rodriguez Ortiz
Group owner
Students Against Pollution

lunes, 8 de diciembre de 2014

The tallest man in the world


Robert Pershing Wadlow [2,72 m]

Date of Birth22 February 1918, Alton, Illinois, USA
Date of Death15 July 1940, Manistee, Michigan, USA  (infection of left ankle)

Robert Pershing Wadlow was born on February 22, 1918 in Alton, Illinois. His height of 8' 11.1" qualifies him as the tallest person in history, as recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Robert was the first born of Addie and Harold Wadlow. He had two sisters, Helen and Betty, and two brothers, Eugene and Harold Jr., all of whom were of average height and weight. His excessive height was due to an overactive pituitary gland, for which there was no treatment at the time. According to records kept in his hometown of Alton, Robert enjoyed collecting stamps, photography, and the Boy Scouts, becoming the world's tallest Boy Scout when he was 13 years old. He was also regarded as being very quiet, earning him the nickname "Gentle Giant." When he turned 20 Robert traveled for the International Shoe Company, who provided him with free shoes (which usually cost $100 a pair). His father had to remove the front passenger seat of the family car so Robert could sit in the back seat. Due to poor circulation, Robert had little sensation in his feet and did not notice when problems like blisters developed. In July of 1940 a blister on his ankle led to an infection that, despite treatment, ended his life on the morning of July 15th. Robert was buried in his hometown of Alton. All city businesses closed for the funeral, which was attended by tens of thousands of people. The 1,000-pound casket required 12 pallbearers. In 1985 a life-sized bronze statue of Robert was erected on the campus of the Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine.

Who is the tallest man living now?

viernes, 5 de diciembre de 2014

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking

British theoretical physicist. He studied mathematics and physics at University College, Oxford, where he graduated in 1962. In 1966 he received his doctorate at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. In the early sixties had the first symptoms of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), degenerative neuromuscular disease that has not stopped her progress in intellectual.

scientific interest is focused on the field of general relativity, particularly in the physics of black holes. In 1971 he suggested the formation, after the big bang, many objects, called "mini black holes", which contain about one billion metric tons of mass, but occupy only the space of a proton, a circumstance that would cause enormous gravitational fields governed by the laws of relativity.

In 1974 he proposed, according to the predictions of quantum physics, that black holes emit subatomic particles to deplete your energy, to finally explode. That same year he was elected to the Royal Society; three years later he was appointed professor of gravitational physics at Cambridge, where two years later he won the Lucasian chair of mathematics, the same who took Isaac Newton.

His efforts to describe from a theoretical point of view the properties of black holes, and the relationship that these properties saved with the laws of classical thermodynamics and quantum mechanics, are reflected in his works The Large Scale Structure of Space- time (1973, in collaboration with GFR Ellis), Superspace and Supergravity (1981), the Very Early Universe (1983) and the best-selling Zoya (1988).

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YouTube is a website where users can upload and share videos, but that didn't end. All people know YT, except who aren't using current technologies.

All that we know, we know that is not looking for anything but would possible to have a hobby and a life with Youtube?  

How is it possible have as many visits?


Youtube is the largest platform used in the world
 Those who engage to upload videos daily are called Youtubers
For example:
This is an Youtuber who has +4800 Videos!! 

We ask this person works much?
Isn't really have a job, but a hobby that has become a job ...
 What is your opinion?
Among the most famous in Spain this ElRubiusOMG
Who is the most famous of Youtube?

ElrubiusOMG, so as you see earns approximately 4000 Dollars per month uploading videos!

As can be earn that money by the audience? 

For more information about this:

Comment your answers below!



martes, 18 de noviembre de 2014

TV Highlights

TV Highlights

The highlight of this week's TV was definitely the realty show »Aguila Roja«. The lost two actors sought a lost cave. Aguila Roja was poisoned by Commissioner of the town and this poison to responded to everything and then forgot everything! It is the most watched on channel 1.

Antena 3's cartoon »The Simpsons« was also worth watching. On thursday the aliens invaded Springfield. In the end the aliens was imade a Deal with the humans.

Finally, something which also caught my eye was a story on yesterday's news. A dog was walking down the road when it was hit by a car and the driver took him to a vet and saved it. It was a good story.