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YouTube is a website where users can upload and share videos, but that didn't end. All people know YT, except who aren't using current technologies.

All that we know, we know that is not looking for anything but would possible to have a hobby and a life with Youtube?  

How is it possible have as many visits?


Youtube is the largest platform used in the world
 Those who engage to upload videos daily are called Youtubers
For example:
This is an Youtuber who has +4800 Videos!! 

We ask this person works much?
Isn't really have a job, but a hobby that has become a job ...
 What is your opinion?
Among the most famous in Spain this ElRubiusOMG
Who is the most famous of Youtube?

ElrubiusOMG, so as you see earns approximately 4000 Dollars per month uploading videos!

As can be earn that money by the audience? 

For more information about this:




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